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Tween Dilemma

Being a tween is great fun but choosing outfits for tweens, on the other hand, is challenging. Not only are tweens learning more about themselves every day but they are also developing a sense of independence: they are beginning to develop their own fashion sense and create a new aspect of individuality which can make styling choices difficult. During these years, tweens go shopping to choose clothing items that they love and feel best represent them. Back when they were younger, they may have had many favourite 'go to' stores, although, you may find that when re-entering these stores with a tween, they do not cater for their age group. This leave tweens and their parents in a frustrating position where they are given limited options: to dress in big bows and fluffy dresses or strappy, tight clothes - Although these fashionable and figure hugging clothes can look great on celebrities such as Kendall and Kylie, we aren't so sure these styles are designed for tweens.

Ideally, when walking into a store, tweens should have a designated section in which they can shop till their hearts content, filling their changing rooms with mounds of cool clothing (which will no doubt be featured in a super cool musical.ly clip). Unfortunately, when walking into most big brand stores tweens are greeted with either a teens or children section. I am not too sure that you would want your tween to be seen wearing the same clothes as an 18 year old on a night out. At the same time you don't want them to stay in a realm of childhood forever, dressing in tiaras, tutus and sparkles. 

As a teen who has recently emerged from being a tween, I know the constant dilemma of trying to find clothes that are fashion forward but also age appropriate. At the same time, I wouldn't want my younger tween sisters to be in the same clothes as me! So, when shopping for tween clothing items, I would personally recommend stores such as Seed, J. Crew, Surlaplage and Hollister as these stores have a cool range of popular tween items. 

Olivia Berti

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